A Note from the founder


Hi, my name is Tiernan Cabot and in 2017 when I was  9 years old I started Hartford Bags of Love. On Christmas Day (2016), I had a very special opportunity to give food to the less fortunate in Hartford, CT with my family. I spoke and interacted and I got to know them and learn about their lives. Just imagine living out in the cold all winter. Remember that if you get cold, it’s temporary, we come back to our warm houses. But think about the people that stay there in the cold 24/7. Then, something hit me. I could raise money and donate it to the people there. That’s how I started Hartford Bags of Love. I believe that all people should at least have clothing and a warm meal. I feel spoiled living the way I do and now that I've met these people and see how they live, I am going to do anything in my power to help them. With the money I collect, I will put together care packages which will include toiletries and other items of sustenance. So I ask you folks to donate as much as you can, which could even be a penny. To some of these people, even the littlest amount can make a difference. 

Much Love,